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Speedy Moisture Tester hire

Speedy Moisture Tester Hire

We now have the Speedy Moisture tester available for hire.

The kit is the standard variant with a 0-20% gauge.

The Speedy Moisture Tester is a portable vessel with a built in pressure gauge on the base. The kit is supplied with the tester vessel, weighing scale, calcium carbide reagent and associated scoop and cleaning utensils.

To use the tester a small sample (6 grams) of the material under test is prepared, weighed and placed into the vessel. The reagent is then added to the lid of the tester (approximately 2 scoops). The lid is then fastened to the test vessel and shaken to mix the reagent with the sample. The reagent then reacts with the free moisture within the sample to produce a gas. This gas causes a pressure rise within the vessel which is proportional to the amount of moisture. The value can then be read from the pressure gauge on the base of the container.

It is recommended the sample being tested is ground up as much as possible.Speedy Moisture Tester Hire 3

The Speedy Moisture Tester can be used for the following:

  • Roads and Highways
  • Aggregates, sand and concrete
  • Building restoration and refurbishment
  • Solid floors

Our kit is calibrated and supplied with reagent. Please let us know if a large quantity of reagent is required when placing an order. Generally two scoops of reagent is sufficient depending on size or coarseness of single sample under test.

Please contact us for more information or to hire.

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