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Silver Schmidt OS8200 Hire

Silver Schmidt OS8200 Hire

We now have the Silver Schmidt OS8200 Type N available for hire.

The OS8200 is the latest modern Schmidt Hammer from Proceq. It is described as an ‘optical’ hammer. The ‘optical’ technology delivers compressive strength measurements with a higher range and far lower dispersion than any classical (original) rebound hammer.

Like the Schmidt live (or OS8000) it will connect to your apple or android device via bluetooth to provide instant calculated results utilising one of the predesigned generic curves, or a custom user created curve.

The mobile app used is the same as for the Schmidt live (OS8000) so any existing app account will connect to the OS8200.

Examples of suitable applications for the OS8200 type N are as follows:

  • Fresh concrete strength estimationOS8200 and anvil
  • Normal concrete strength estimation
  • High concrete strength estimation
  • Concrete uniformity testing
  • Custom correlation to compressive strength
  • Low strength (<5Mpa) concrete testing
  • Concrete compressive strength estimation range: 10 – 70 N/mm2 (Type N)
  • 10th percentile curve available (this is recommended for users who do not know the makeup of the concrete under test).

Our OS8200 is supplied with a small site verification anvil. Depending on the standard testing is completed to, on site verification is required. The site anvil is lightweight compared to the full size verification anvils. The larger units are not practical for transit. The verification can be carried out within the app and the data stored for presentation if required. A verification is carried out by us in house prior to packing and dispatch. A copy of this is supplied by email along with the yearly calibration certificate. (Calibration is always completed by an accredited 3rd party).

The Silver Schmidt records a Q value rather than the standard R value used by the original Schmidt variants. The Q value brings greater accuracy at higher concrete strengths.

A copy of the operating instructions are here. 

Please call or email to discuss any details or to hire.

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