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Hydrajaws Safety Lifeline Test Kit

Hydrajaws Safety Lifeline Test Kit

Safety lifeline test kit 1

We are pleased to be able to offer the Hydrajaws safety lifeline test kit for hire. This is designed to test portable cable systems. It is lightweight, robust and user friendly. It utilises the model 2000 tester and a calibrated analogue or digital gauge.

Weighing in at only 2.4 kg the safety lifeline tester assembly enables the operator to test 8mm wire rope. This includes all swaged connections during installation and annual inspections in accordance with existing safety standards.

Our kit will come with all accessories enabling testing to existing installations, including those with long terminating assemblies without additional parts having to be sourced.

Our kit features the cable frame and a Hydrajaws Model 2000 tester. It is supplied with: Cable test frame with extension bars, single cable clamp, slotted adaptor, 22mm A/F operating nut, 22mm A/F ratchet spanner, 6mm allen key and spare cable clamp bolts and screws. Carrying case includes pockets for Model 2000 tester, 150 load spreading bridge and a full complement of adaptors / ancillaries.

If required, we can include a model 2000 fixing test bridge to enable the equipment to be used for more standard construction fixings.

Our kit is supplied with a detachable digital or analogue gauge with a maximum capacity of 25kN. Please specify which option is preferred when placing your order. (Higher capacity gauges are also available).

To make ordering simple, please specify Kit 1 or Kit 2 when placing your order. Kit 2 will be supplied with the optional 150 load spread bridge and ancillaries for testing construction fixings.

We are pull test equipment hire specialists offering a large range of testers for hire for almost any application. If you are unsure of your testing requirement, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.

Safety Lifeline Test kit data sheet

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