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Rebar testing kit

We offer various options for testing rebar. Generally a rebar testing kit consists of a Hollow Cylinder, pump, hose and gauge paired with a collet to grip the bar as the load is applied.rebar testing kit 2

Our rebar testing kits are supplied with either a digital or analogue gauge. The analogue gauges as a rule are multipurpose and can be paired with three different cylinder sizes. The digital are custom made Hydrajaws gauges for a specific cylinder size/area. These kits are available to test rebar up to approximately 54mm diameter to a maximum load of 600kN (approximately 60T).

The rebar wedge collets are available in a range of sizes, for example T12, T14, T16, T18 and T20, all the way up to approximately T40. We keep all sizes up to T26 in stock, for sizes above this the collet is a custom order and is a purchase only item. The collets work by gripping the rebar as the piston is raised when pumping the jack connected to the hollow cylinder, the collet barrels are tapered with three hardened steel wedges inside.

The kits are simple to use, the hollow cylinder can be slipped over the reinforcing bar so it protrudes through the centre of the cylinder and the rebar collet can then follow on top. When specifying a kit it must be ensured there is enough rebar protruding from the substrate to clear the top of the cylinder and accommodate the wedge collet. We will ask for all dimensions when recommending a kit for use.

Alternative options for testing rebar are the Hydrajaws model 2008 and the Staht digital pull test kit.rebar testing kit 3

The 2008 tester will pull to a maximum 145kN and can accommodate rebar up to 26mm in diameter.

The Staht digital pull tester is compact in design and is suitable for testing small rebar (up to 16mm diameter) to a maximum loading of 60kN.

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