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Profometer 5 Rebar Locator

Profometer 5 Rebar Locator

The Profometer 5 rebar locator, is a compact, lightweight unit manufactured by Proceq in Switzerland. It is designed to locate reinforcement in concrete to a depth of approximately 140mm (bar size and concrete density dependent). This would be a 26 mm rebar.

The measuring method is based upon the eddy-current principle with pulse induction. The basic unit is capable of rebar location, concrete cover measurement and bar size estimation. The software within the unit is very similar to the Proceq profoscope, this is essentially a newer, more compact version.

The Profometer 5 rebar locator has been superseded by the Profometer PM600 series. It is no longer available to buy, but does remain a reliable and affordable option as part of our hire fleet.

Profometer 5 is supplied with a universal probe. The probe is designed to function in relation to the direction it is held. This means it reacts most sensitively to the re-bar parallel to its longitudinal axis, and least sensitively to the ones at right angles. For this reason the probe should be positioned parallel to the bars to be tested and moved over them sideways for scanning.

The probe has both a small and a large measuring range. Use the ← and → keys to switch over between the two measuring ranges. The large measuring range should only be used if the concrete cover is larger than is shown in the intersecting point of the curves in Fig. 2.4 of the operating instructions.  For example if the bar diameter is 16 mm, this applies for a cover of approximately 60 mm.

These rebar locators are in stock and available for hire today. If you have any questions regarding the Profometer 5 or any other items please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The operating instructions can be found here.

Alternatively please see Elcometer 331 or Hilti Ferroscan rebar detectors if preferred.

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