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Rebar corrosion monitor

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Giatec iCOR rebar corrosion monitor to our hire fleet. The iCOR is a compact and comprehensive NDT device for corrosion evaluation of reinforced concrete structures.

The iCOR benefits from a patented technology that makes it possible to estimate the corrosion rate of rebar through a non-invasive approach. This means there is no requirement to connect to a reinforcing bar as there is when using other commercial units available (LPR).

As well as being a rebar corrosion monitor, the iCOR also has full functionality as a resistivity meter, half-cell, ambient temperature and relative humidity monitor. This really makes it a superb all in one package for structural assessment.

Data is captured by the iCOR and transferred wirelessly to the supplied tablet where data can be stored, analysed and visualised. The tablet app offers a powerful post-processing torebar corrosion monitor 2ol and an easy way to share data in various file formats.

A description of the iCOR corrosion rate measurement concept can be found here.

The iCOR conforms to ASTM C876 – Standard Test Method for Corrosion Potentials of Uncoated Reinforcing Steel in Concrete.


As mentioned above the iCOR is supplied with a tablet with the software app installed. The software will automatically adjust corrosion potential values for temperature variation. If this feature is not desired, it can be turned off via the menu. It also features an ‘off grid’ sampling feature. This enables the user to create additional data points which are not on the generated grid nodes.

To be clear, the different measurement modes and rebar connection requirements are as follows:

Corrosion rate – Measurement of corrosion rate and concrete resistivity. (The effect of rebar is excluded in the resistivity measurement). These measurements can be performed without a connection the the reinforcing bar.

Corrosion rate and half-cell potential – Measurement of the corrosion rate and half-cell. A connection to the reinforcement is required.

Half-Cell potential – Half-Cell measurement only, measurement time is 3 seconds as default. A connection to the reinforcement is required.rebar corrosion monitor 3

Concrete Resistivity – Surface concrete resistivity measurement. Uses the 4 probe wenner array method. The device should not be placed on top of a rebar for this reading. No connection to the reinforcement is required.

Concrete Resistivity and Half-Cell potential – Concrete resistivity measurement as above with the addition of half-cell measurements taken. This requires a connection to the reinforcement.

The operating instructions for the iCOR rebar corrosion monitor are here.

Please contact us for more information or to hire.

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