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Re bar detector Elcometer 331

Elcometer Re bar Detector

The Elcometer 331 re bar detector comes in many variants. We stock the model B, BH, and SH.

The model B re bar detector is the entry level model. This allows for concrete cover determination only.

The BH is the entry level model, with the added Half-Cell potential measurement capacity added.

The SH is classified as the intermediate level unit, with Half-Cell potential measurement.

SH Re bar detector

This re bar detector supports a wide range of search heads. These vary from narrow pitch, to standard, deep cover and optional Borehole probes. Each of these is plug and play and can be supplied in any configuration.

The unit is conventional in design. It is a re bar detector unit combined with search head and connecting cable. The elcometer units are very distinctive – bright orange!


Cover Mode

To locate reinforcement bars the unit must be zeroed. To do this press either the zero button on the connected search head, or on the cover meter unit itself. Hold the search head away from any metallic objects whilst in progress. You should set the sound mode to ‘locate’. To do this press menu, setup, sound mode and select locate. The sensitivity can also be adjusted if required.

Align the search head parallel to the reinforcement being sought and move the head across the pre determined search area. When the search head is approaching a re bar the unit will begin to emit a sound. This will increase in pitch as the head moves closer to the bar. The signal strength indicator on the unit will increase in length and the LED on the head will begin to glow.

The head is aligned directly over a bar when the pitch of sound and signal strength indicator are at their highest. The LED indicator will be at its brightest and cover reading at its lowest.

This unit is available as a combined Half-Cell. Please see here.

Operating instructions.

Model B, BH.

Model SH.


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