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Pullout Tester – Model 2008

2008 Heavy Duty pullout tester

The 2008 pullout tester is designed to test stud or re bar straight out of the box. As standard the pullout tester is supplied with connectors for M12, M16, M20, M24 and M30 stud.

Pull out tester use

Testing of re bar is possible by using ‘wedge collets’. These sit on top of the 2008 pullout tester with the re bar passed straight through the hole in the cylinder into the collet. The collet then grips the ribbed bar as the pressure is increased. These collets are available in a wide range of sizes.

The pullout tester stud connectors work slightly differently. The 2008 tester is supplied with a lightweight aluminium stool, which the tester body bolts on to. Much like the model 2000 and 2050 kits. Once the tester is mounted to the stool it can be stood over the stud. The tester is supplied with a 20 mm Ø drop rod which passes through the hole in the tester. On top of this rod is an adjustable nut. This is in a ‘top hat’ shape with a key way for the supplied ratchet spanner at the top.

One of the stud connectors should then be secured onto the stud to be tested. (M12, M16, M20 or M30, other sizes are available). The top hole in the stud adaptor is tapped to M20 to accommodate the drop rod. Once everything is tightened securely the test is ready to commence. Performing the test requires use of the supplied 22 mm ratchet spanner on the nut to the right of the gauge display. Simply wind the nut to the desired loading.

Other adaptors are available for the 2008. We keep a stock of various re bar wedges, stud adaptors to accommodate up to 46 mm Ø and a heavy duty ring bolt clevis.


The 2008 tester will pull to a maximum of 146 kN. The load is presented on a digital gauge which displays in increments of 0.1 kN. This digital gauge enables fantastic accuracy at any loading in the range. The tester is fitted with a spirit level to ensure the tests are completed level, failure to level the tester will result in damage to the stool.

As of 19th November 2018 we are delighted to be able to offer the 2008 tester with the all new bluetooth gauge. This will connect to the free Hydrajaws® App on Apple or Android devices. It is downloadable from the app store/play store. More detail can be found here. The app enables real time visual production of graphs and test results, improving traceability and confidence in PDF format.

Hydrajaws Digital Bluetooth pullout tester 1

Hydrajaws digital bluetooth pullout tester 2


Please contact us if you have any questions about the equipment.


Model 2008 Instruction Manual

Model 2008 Bridge footprint

2008 Pullout tester

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