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Pull Testing Kits Overview

The Pull testing kits we keep in stock come in various shapes and sizes. Below is a brief overview of the testers we stock.

Hydrajaws model 2000 pull testing kitModel 2000 pull tester

The smallest tester we keep is the Hydrajaws Model 2000. This is available with analogue or digital gauges ranging from 0-25kN. This pull testing kit is designed to test small to medium construction fixings. Hex head bolts, eye bolts, stud and screws are all easily tested using the standard attachments supplied with the kits. The model 2000 as standard is supplied with a rectangular load spreading bridge, it is not recommended to load this over 12-13kN with the standard M10 legs. Solid hex legs are available for higher test loads. The model 2000 is also utilised in the bond testing kit and the safety lifeline testing kit.

Hydrajaws model 2050 pull testing kitmodel 2050 pull test kit

Similar to the model 2000, the 2050 pull testing kits are designed to test small to medium construction fixings. Currently supplied with analogue or digital gauge options. The testing range on the 2050 pull testing kits is 0-50kN. This kit is bigger than the model 2000 and utilises a larger load spreading bridge with quick release legs. One of the most important things to consider when performing tests with the model 2000 or model 2050 is ensuring the load spread bridge is level when testing. Failure to ensure this will result in inaccurate test results or a damaged bridge/tester.

Hydrajaws model 2008 pull testing kitPull testing kits Model 2008 Heavy duty puller pull tester pull out tester

This unit is far more heavy duty. It weighs approximately 14kgs when assembled and will test to a maximum of 146kN. The 2008 tester is designed to test stud or rebar. Inside the box are stud connectors to suit M12, M16, M20, M24 and M30 stud. This kit applies load via a hollow cylinder with an M20 drop rod and stud connector at the bottom. The stroke on the piston is very short, so ensuring connections are tight before proceeding with testing is vital. The 2008 is supplied with a digital gauge only. (A blue tooth gauge is optional).

Hollow cylinder kitsPull testing kits hollow cylinder

We have a large range of hydraulic hollow cylinder kits in stock at all times. These are generally best suited to higher load re-bar or stud testing applications. We have both steel and lightweight aluminium cylinders available in capacities from 0 – 600 kN (approximately). As a rule, the higher the total capacity of the cylinder the larger the central hole in the cylinder, this allows for larger objects to be tested to higher loads.

We now have digital gauge options available for a selection of our hollow cylinder pull testing kits, these are useful if a lower load reading is required for testing. Increments on the analogue gauges can be difficult to read accurately. Re-bar testing is performed using a wedge collet suited to the size of the reinforcement to be tested. A key requirement for testing with a hollow cylinder kit is ensuring there is sufficient re-bar protruding from the test substrate to pass all the way through the hollow cylinder or that there is sufficient room available to extend the re-bar or stud.

DPG 100 pull testing kitDPG100 Anchor Tester 1 pull testing kits

This pull test kit is designed to test anchors set into various substrates. It is lightweight at approximately 3 kg and its low profile makes it useful in limited access areas. This tester was manufactured by Hilti and is now no longer available. The DPG100 can measure displacement as well as load applied. The maximum load for this kit is 100 kN. The displacement is measured using the mechanical (dial) and the test load on the digital display.

Elcometer 510Elcometer 510 pull testing kits

The Elcometer 510 is a fully automatic pull testing kit. It can be utilised for concrete bond testing or paint adhesion testing. We can supply the kit with 50 mm dollies for concrete tests or 20 mm for paint adhesion tests. (14.2 and 10 mm dollies also available) The unit is robust and features a digital display. The Elcometer 510 conforms to many British and international testing standards including: BS 1881-207, EN 24624 and EN 1542.

All the above are available for next working day delivery, please contact us with any enquiries.

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