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Pull Tester Model 2000

Model 2000 Pull Tester

The Model 2000 pull tester is a low/medium duty kit, manufactured by Hydrajaws®. It is designed to test small to medium construction fixings.  These can include (but are not limited to), stud, bolts, screws, scaffold ties including eye bolts and many more.

The Hydrajaws® model 2000 pull tester comes in multiple guises:


The kit as standard fixing pull tester kit will attach to any bolt with a fixed haxagonal head (maximum 20 mm). It will also test stud up to a maximum of the same diameter. It is supplied with a 150 rectangular load spread bridge (stool).

The Hydrajaws® model 2000 pull tester is also available as a wall tie testing kit. It can be supplied with suitable adaptors for helical ties of varying sizes, it also comes with a specially designed load spread bridge for this application.

The pull tester can also be offered as a bond testing kit. This is for concrete pull off testing utilising 50mm diameter mild steel or aluminium dollies and a specially designed circular bond testing stool and plug adaptor to connect to the dollies (discs).

Or a scaffold tie pull tester. This comes with adaptors to test either bolt/stud fixings or a ring-bolt adaptor clevis for connecting to eye bolts. It is supplied with the 150 load spread bridge with 100 mm solid hex leg extensions as standard.

We can assemble a kit for practically any use, with various stool options available of all different shapes, sizes and loading capacities.


The tester has a maximum loading capability of 25 kN. The gauges are either analogue or digital. The analogue gauges are available as: 0-5 kN, 0-10 kN, 0-15 kN, 0-20 kN or 0-25 kN. The digital option reads from 0-25 and will display in 0.1 kN increments.

If using the 150 load spreading bridge it is recommended to use the hex leg extensions for test loading with potential to exceed 12 kN. The adjustable stud legs on the bridge are M8 stud and the hex are far stronger.

Use in brief

Using the pull tester is straightforward. The Hydrajaws® Model 2000 can be mounted to the bridge using the supplied bolts before the pull test commences. The M12 locking adaptor can be installed into the jaws of the tester at the same time. Once installed either the ring-bolt clevis or bolt tester adaptor can be screwed directly into this. If a quick release gauge is present this can then be installed to the side of the tester. From here it is simply connecting the the fixing to be tested, ensuring the bridge is flat and level on the surface and turning the handle or nut on the top of the tester until the desired loading is achieved.

Please note the M12 locking adaptor is not suitable for use with the bond test or wall tie testing kits.

For larger testing applications, please see here.

Please call or e-mail for further assistance.

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