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Pull test kit hire (M2000)

Pull test kit hire

Hydrajaws have updated the well established and reliable model 2000 testing kit. Like the model 2000 the M2000 pull test kit is designed to test small to medium construction fixings. We now have one of these updated kits available for hire.

The M2000 can be used for many different applications. From testing small screws, to bolts and stud up to 16mm diameter.

The tester can be adapted for many specialist purposes, this includes:Pull test kit hire M2000

  • Testing scaffold ties
  • Testing roofing screws
  • Wall ties
  • Safety lifelines
  • Concrete pull off testing (50mm dollies)
  • insulation testing

The kit features a gauge with a maximum capacity of 25kN.

The main feature of the update is a redesigned load spread bridge (no longer the 150 bridge with the stud legs). The M2000 features a completely new bridge with quick release legs which brings it more into line with the 2050 testing kit. This makes setting up and adjustment quicker and easier and also means the bridge is stronger and more robust. Levelling the kit is now far easier with the new bridge, this is a big step forward.

The main cause of damage potentially leading to erroneous test results in the past was improper levelling. This would result more often than not in a damaged bridge leg and an immediate stop to site work until a repair was made or a replacement sought.

The tester itself still features the same design and retains its usability and huge range of applications. The tester body has undergone a re skin and features new graphics.

The operating instructions for the M2000 pull test kit can be found here.

A link to the latest Hydrajaws M35 + tester can be found here.

Please contact us with any requirements for pull test kit hire.




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