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PS50 Multidetector

Hilti PS50 Multidetector hire

We have the PS50 multidetector available for hire. This is designed to detect objects concealed within dry materials. This can include ferrous metals (rebar), non ferrous metals (copper, aluminium), wood beams, plastic pipes and electrical cables.

This makes it useful for strike avoidance when drilling. Please do not confuse this with a concrete cover meter (rebar detector), this is not the intended function of the PS50 multidetector.

Product features

  • Built-in display – shows location, embedment depth and type of detected objects at a glance
  • Detection of a wide range of objects thanks to the combination of multiple sensor technologies
  • User-friendly menu for selection of the appropriate base materials – universal, concrete, wet concrete, underfloor heating, drywall or hollow brick
  • Ergonomically designed and ruggedly built – shock-, dust- and water-resistant
  • Helps you drill right the first time – knowing where to drill helps avoid costly repairs, saves time and prevents drill bits being destroyed by rebar.

PS50 Multidetector hire


  • Maximum detection range for object location 150mm
  • Maximum detection range for object classification 60mm
  • Maximum detection range for live electric cables 60mm
  • Location accuracy (to the centre of an object) +/- 5mm
  • Depth measurement accuracy +/- 10mm
  • Minimum distance required between two objects 40mm
  • Maximum battery life 5 hours
The PS50 has seven scan mode options. These are:
  • Universal – Suitable for most application on solid masonry or concrete. Metal or plastic objects and electric cables can be detected. Maximum detection depth is 80mm.
  • Concrete – Suitable for use on dry steel reinforced concrete. Steel rebars, plastic or metal pipes and electric cables can be detected. If the walls are very thin, it is recommended to use the ‘universal’ mode to avoid errors. Maximum detection depth is 150mm.
  • Wet concrete – Suitable for scanning fresh concrete. Steel rebars, plastic or metal pipes and electric cables can be detected. In this mode the tool will not differentiate between love ands non-live cables. Maximum detection depth is 60mm.
  • Floor heating – Suitable for detecting metal, metal composite and water filled plastic pipes or electrical cables under a screed. Empty plastic pipes will not be found. Maximum detection depth 80mm.
  • Drywall – Suitable for detecting wood beams, metal studs, pipes containing water and electric cables in drywall partitions. Maximum detection depth 80mm.
  • Hollow brick – Suitable for use on masonry containing cavities. The cavities are ‘filtered out’ to a great extent in this mode. Metal objects, water filled plastic pipes and live electric cables can be detected. Maximum detection depth 80mm.
  • Signal view – Suitable for use on all types of material. The display will show signal strength at each position in the scan. Objects are shown as ‘peaks’. Object depth and if possible ‘object class’ can be shown. The maximum detection depth in this mode is 150mm.

The operating instructions for the PS50 multidetector are here.

This can be paired with the Hilti PX10 Transpointer to line up drill holes if required.

Please contact us for more information or to hire.

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