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Profoscope Cover Meter

Profoscope Cover meter

The Profoscope cover meter is a small hand held rebar detector. It is manufactured by Proceq in Switzerland.

The Profoscope is lightweight and simple in design. It is powered by two AA batteries. There are no unwieldy cables connected to a separate search head. The Profoscope is an all in one unit with a large back lit digital display on the front, displaying rebar depth and diameter (at the press of a button). The unit has a button on either side of the unit. The right hand side zeros the unit and the left predicts rebar diameter.


The Profoscope is very simple to operate. Press the button on the top cover to power on. To start using from here press the zero button on the right hand side and begin your survey. A probe ‘reset’ or zero is recommended every 5 minutes or so during use to negate any pulse induction ‘drift’ (caused by temperature and other external influences). This must be done in ‘free air’ away from any metal.

Diameter estimate is performed by pressing the button on the left side of the unit when centred over a rebar.

The Menu is accessible via the central button on the front of the Profoscope. From here options like Rebar diameter estimate, beep volume, regional settings, measuring range, minimum cover alert and neighbouring rebar correction are available. Navigation between these options is performed using the arrow keys.


More detailed operating instructions can be found here.

We carry several of these units in stock, as well as other options including the Profometer PM630AI. Please contact us for more information, or to hire!


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