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Profometer PM630AI

Profometer PM630AI

The Profometer PM630AI or ‘Profometer 6’ is the latest design ‘conventional’ cover meter from Proceq. By this we mean it is a three part instrument. Part one is the touchscreen unit itself, the monitor. Two is the search head. Part three the connecting cable between the two.

We stock the 630AI variant. The AI is the all new Artificial Intelligence feature. This works with the user to attain the highest level of concrete cover accuracy. This is especially useful in congested areas of reinforcement.

The unit will accurately measure cover to a maximum of 185 mm (depending on size of rebar). The maximum diameter estimation is 63 mm. It is supplied with a wheeled scan car, ideal for rough surfaces.

Features Included:

  • Two layer Neighbouring rebar correction AI
  • Concrete cover calibration
  • Zoom function to scale rebar (according to your needs)
  • Display with cover or signal curve
  • Signal strength spectrum

All data is saved by the instrument and available for download to the Profometer link software. This is available here.

Our Unit

Our PM630AI has the Corrosion upgrade. This enables it to be used as both a top of the range cover meter and a half-cell. We can supply with either a single point or wheeled electrode. Please see here for information on the Profometer corrosion.

The full operating instructions can be found here.


Profometer PM630AI


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