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Proceq GP8800 GPR (GPR Live Mini)

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Proceq GP8800 GPR to our hire fleet. The Proceq GP8800 GPR is a brand new ultra-portable Ground Penetrating Radar that fits in the palm of your hand.

The GP8800 or ‘GPR Live mini’ is packed with the same technology as the larger Proceq GPR Live (now re-branded to GP8000). The GP8800s diminutive size makes it the ideal tool for structural analysis in limited space areas. This can include ceiling voids where pipework is present, circular columns, narrow areas and gives the user the capability to scan to the very edge of a concrete slab.Proceq GP8800 GPR 1

The handset is powered by 4 x flight safe rechargeable AA batteries which are located in a battery pack within the unit. This pack is removable to reduce the height of the GP8800 to approximately 63mm. Power can be supplied from this pack remotely via a USB C cable if access is really at a premium.

Proceq GP8800 GPR Capability

The scanner is capable of penetrating to a depth of 650mm and benefits from fully wireless connection to an iPad via encrypted WiFi. Other GPR options of this size require a wired connection to a control unit, making the unit cumbersome and fragile and single person operation difficult.

Connection to the GPR app on iPad is unchaged, simply connect the probe via the in app link and scans completed are securely stored in the cloud. As per the GPR live we recommend creating your own free account within the app to keep your collected data safe and secure. Alternatively customers are free to use our account if preferred.Proceq GP8800 GPR 3

The scan car can be moved in any direction by switching the wireless scan wheel to either a side or trailing position. This is quick release and can be done mid scan if required. No tools are required to re position the wheel.

Our unit is supplied with an iPad as standard and the ancillary kit, including the telescopic handle. We can also supply a package kit, consisting of the GPR live (GP8000) and this GP8800 to enable a complete radar inspection  of a structure.

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