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Pile Integrity Tester Hire

Pile Integrity tester hire – (coming soon)

The pile integrity tester uses the Pulse Echo Test (PET) method for quick and accurate analysis of piles and other deep foundations on site.

It can be used to test either a small or large number of piles quickly and efficiently.

The basic principle is, the test starts when the pile top is struck with a lightweight handheld hammer. The resulting signal or reflectogram, is captured and transferred to the computer by the testers digital accelerometer. This provides real-time information about the length and shape of the pile.

The equipment is fully compliant with ASTM D5882 – 07 and AFNOR P160-2 standards for testing.

The Pile Integrity tester is user friendly and easy to master in less than a day – no expensive training courses are required.

Our unit is the bluetooth version. This will connect wirelessly to any bluetooth enabled PC (windows) or android tablet device.  Software is unrestricted so can be installed on any number of devices with no hidden charges or fees.

Performance specifications are as follows:

  • Pile lengths – 2m to 80m (depending on diameter and soil profile).
  • Productivity –  Up to 100 piles/hour by single operator (under favourable conditions).
  • Storage –  Unlimited
  • Range –  Up to 10 m between transducer and computer

Our equipment will be supplied complete with a rugged tablet for data processing. Please contact us for any further information on Pile Integrity tester hire.

The user manual for the tester can be found here.

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