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Paint Thickness Gauge – Eban 2000

Paint Thickness gauge

We have the Eban 2000 Paint thickness gauge available for hire.

This is a modular instrument designed to measure the thickness of all non-ferromagnetic coatings on Iron and Steel substrates. Examples are, Paint, Epoxy, Zinc, Cadmium, Galvanising, Lacquer and Glass.

Paint thickness tester Use

Ensure the probe has been plugged into the rear of the paint thickness testing unit. This is done by carefully aligning the red dot on the male plug with the one on the body of the tester. Failure to do this will result in damage to the probe.

Place the probe on the on the coating to be measured, ensuring its held firmly and the face of the transducer is flat to the substrate.

The unit will beep and display the measurement on the screen. It will also display a D code which indicated that the probe is located on the coating.

The measurement will be retained until a new measurement is taken. The unit display will always show the last measurement taken.

To take another measurement lift the probe from the coating, the D code will disappear then you can place the probe on the next location to be measured. (The D code is a useful visual clue for the user to ensure the probe has been lifted away sufficiently to allow another reading to be taken).

The unit can be checked for accuracy at any time.  Use the supplied precision measured calibration foils and zero disk supplied in the box. Simply place the foil on the smooth uncoated steel zero disk and take a measurement.

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