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Paint Adhesion Testing – Elcometer 510

Paint Adhesion Tester

We are pleased to offer the Elcometer 510 paint adhesion tester for hire.  The 510 is an automatic tester designed to measure the adhesion strength of applied coatings on a wide range of substrates. As well as paint adhesion testing our tester can be supplied with 50 mm dollies to perform concrete pull off testing.

Paint adhesion Method

We will use a 20 mm dolly for testing paint adhesion.

Prepare the surface of the coating and the underside of the dolly where the test is to be performed by roughening both with an abrasive pad. Ensure the area is degreased and thoroughly clean and dry. If using Araldite as the bonding agent, mix the two equal parts and apply a thin, even layer to the prepared base of the dolly. (Araldite is used as an example here, we are happy to recommend other suitable adhesives). Press the dolly firmly onto the prepared surface. Allow any excess adhesive to be squeezed out from under the dolly and wipe clean. Allow the adhesive to fully cure. (Curing times will be available on the product packaging/literature). If testing on a vertical surface or soffit, tape can be used to secure the dolly during the curing process.

Once the adhesive has cured, ensure the correct coupling is fitted to the 510. Place the coupling over the dolly and pull up the quick couple levers on the side of the skirt. Push the coupling onto the dolly and release the levers to close the jaws around the dolly.

Performing the test requires a simple push of the start softkey. (Right arrow).

The 510 can be set to test until failure or to a pre determined limit. Please see the instruction manual below for full instructions on the equipment.

We also keep the Hydrajaws Bond Testing kit for concrete pull off tests. Please see it here.

510 Instruction Manual.

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