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Pull Test kit Model 2050

2050 Pull Test Kit

The 2050 pull test kit is manufactured by Hydrajaws Ltd. It is the bigger brother to the model 2000 testing kit.

The 2050 kit was designed to fill the gap between the model 2000 and the model 2008 (heavy duty) testing kit. The working range of the 2050 is between 0-50 kN. It is a mid-heavy duty tester.

Fixings up to M16 can be located directly into the 2050 pull test kit but like the model 2000 there are adaptors available to connect to up to 30 mm stud if required.

Our hire units are available with either a fixed analogue gauge, or a quick release digital option. Like the model 2000 the digital gauge reads in increments of 0.1 kN. Availability is stock dependent.

The Model 2050 load spread bridge is a larger, reinforced version of the Model 2000 150 Bridge with a far thicker base plate and larger quick release height adjustable legs. Again the tester can be screwed to the bridge for stability and easy handling.

Standard equipment includes a bolt test adaptor (Accepts a hex head), M10 and M12 button adaptors, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5, 12.5 slotted button adaptors and M16, M20 and M24 threaded stud adaptors.

Optional accessories include a large ringbolt adaptor clevis and M10, M12 and M30 threaded stud adaptors. We keep all of this extras in stock. Please tell us what you are testing and we can assemble a kit to suit your needs!

The operating instructions for the 2050 pull test kit can be found here.

Model 2050 Pull tester footprint

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