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Metal Thickness Measurement – UT3/MX3

Metal Thickness Gauge

We stock the UT3 Metal thickness gauge. It is manufactured by Joel Technologies. The UT3 is a precision Ultrasonic Micrometer. Based on the same operating principles as SONAR, the UT3 is capable of measuring the thickness of various materials. The measurement accuracy is as high as ±0.01 millimetres.

The main advantage of ultrasonic metal thickness measurement over traditional methods is that they can be performed with access to only one side of the material being measured.

Metal thickness gauge Use

The UT3 is simple to use. The kit consists of the UT3 body and a transducer head. This head plugs in to the top of the unit via a cable. Also in the box are a container of couplant gel and a test piece of a known thickness to verify accuracy.

In order to capture accurate metal thickness measurement there must be no air gaps between the wear face of the transducer and the surface of the material being measured. This is accomplished using the the supplied couplant gel. This gel serves to ‘couple’ or transmit the ultrasonic sound waves from the transducer into the material and back again. So before a measurement is attempted a small amount of gel should be applied to the surface. Typically a single droplet is sufficient.

Once the couplant is applied press the transducer firmly against the area to be measured. The stability indicator (Top left corner of the display) should have six or seven bars darkened. A number should appear in the display. If there are fewer than five bars darkened on the stability indicator or the display numbers are erratic check there is sufficient couplant applied and that the transducer is seated flat against the material.

The UT3 performs four measurements every second whilst the transducer is in contact with the material. It updates the display as it does so. When the transducer is removed from the surface the display will hold the last measurement made.

We also keep the Audit 105 ultrasonic thickness gauge in stock for hire!

Operating Instructions.

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