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Metal thickness gauge hire

Metal thickness gauge hire.

We have the Audit 105 metal thickness gauge for hire. It is intended to satisfy a wide range of applications. It measures thickness by injection of a short burst of high frequency sound (ultrasound) into the work piece and measuring the time taken for the burst to travel through the material and be reflected back from the far surface. As the velocity at which the sound travels is constant for a given material the thickness can be computed and displayed. Thickness readings are updated approximately 5 times per second, the reading being held for approximately 5 seconds when the probe is removed from the work piece.

The Audit 105 can be used for testing the thickness of materials other than steel, conversion factors are displayed below:

  • Aluminium 1.07
  • Polypropylene 0.46
  • Brass (70/30) 0.74
  • Polystyrene 0.39
  • Cast Iron/C-Grain0.70
  • P.V.C. 0.38
  • Cast Iron/F-Grain 0.90
  • Stainless Steel 0.95
  • Copper 0.80
  • Perspex/Nylon 0.45

Metal thickness gauge calibration checking and use

The Audit 105 is supplied complete with transducer and conductive gel. The unit has a confidence check plate affixed to the front of the unit. Use of this is a simple process of plugging the transducer in to the unit, applying gel to the check plate and holding the transducer against it. A stable reading of 6.0+/-0.1 should be achieved. Completion of this confidence check confirms the equipment is within calibration and ready for use.

The unit can also be zeroed by the user. To do this plug the transducer cable into the unit, apply some gel to the confidence check plate and hold the transducer against it. Then turn the unit on. The display should automatically read ‘Zero’ then change to the thickness display of 6.0+/- 0.1. It is important not to perform the probe zero against any other material, doing so will lead to discrepancies in the accuracy of the unit.

Once one or both of the above has been competed the equipment is ready to use.

We consider the Audit 105 a good, simple and reliable unit.

Operating instructions.

We also have the UT3 metal thickness gauge. Please contact us if more information is required.


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