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Metal Hardness Testing – Equotip 550

Metal Hardness Testing

We have the Equotip 550 Leeb D impact device for hire. Manufactured by Proceq it is used for metal hardness testing.

Metal hardness measurements are made using the dynamic rebound testing method. The rugged testers are designed for use in the lab, workshop or for portable on site testing.

Our Unit

Our hire unit is equipped with the type D universal impact device, which is suitable for the majority of metal hardness testing requirements with an impact energy of 11 nm.

During measurement, the Equotip 550 with type D device and impact body with ball indenter is launched by a spring against the sample to be measured, which then rebounds. Before and after the impact a permanent magnet inside the impact body passes through a coil, in which a voltage signal is induced by the forward and backward movement. This induction signal behaves proportionally to the velocities.

The ratio of the rebound velocity to the ratio of the impact velocity multiplied by 1000 yields the impact value HL (Leeb hardness). HL is a direct measure of metal hardness. The third letter of the HL unit refers to the impact device being used. In this case D. (HLD).

The Equotip 550 metal hardness tester will automatically convert measurements to common hardness scales (HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, HS) as required. The application conforms to SO EN 16859 standard.

Our unit is supplied with a verification block for accuracy testing.

Performing Tests

Select automatic compensation for impact direction on the 550 unit. Select the appropriate material group, hardness scales and number of impacts required per measurement series.

Load the impact device while not in contact with the object to be tested. Hold it firmly with one hand and slide the loading tube with the other until the contact is grabbed by the clutch.

Position the support ring on the test object.

Press the trigger button to release the impact body.

Repeat this process for each test location, taking care not to overlap on a previous test location.

After the tests are complete the hardness average and other statistics are displayed on the 550 unit.

Operating instructions

Equotip software

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