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Long Term Equipment rental

Long term equipment rental

Do you have a large or long term project coming up? Are you looking to move in to a new testing discipline? If so we can offer special rates for long term equipment rental.

We consider anything ‘long term’ between a period of 3 and 12 months. For example if a project is to last in excess of 3 months and requires use of equipment with a high purchase cost or, is a multi year purchase/lease contract then a long term fixed rental could be the ideal solution. Rather than committing to a large capital purchase, a fixed rental for the duration of the project could save significant outlay & maintenance headaches.Long term equipment rental 2

We see the key features as listed below:

  • Agreement to supply equipment for a fixed period
  • Equipment is supplied at a fixed monthly/weekly cost for the duration
  • minimum 3 months and maximum 12 months (can vary depending on the equipment required)

The benefits of long term equipment rental:

  • Enables the user to accurately budget the equipment cost for their project
  • No capital outlay for equipment purchase
  • No depreciation
  • No servicing/calibration costs
  • No disposal costs
  • Risk of equipment failure removed (replaced within 3 working days*)
  • High quality, well maintained equipment supplied
  • Flexible, extendable rental contracts
  • Supporting PC software supplied (where applicable)
  • Avoidance of long term, sometimes complicated contracts with potential hidden costs or short warranties
  • Get the correct equipment, we will always help to find the right tool for the job
  • Competitive, realistic prices
  • Hand the equipment back to us at the end of the rental periodLong term equipment rental 3

What we ask of you:

  • Look after the equipment as if it were your own. We will aim to fix or replace equipment breakdowns or failures within 3 working days*, damage/issues caused by abuse or neglect are excluded.

If you think a long term rental would be of benefit to you then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

* Replacement/repair of equipment where possible within 3 working days.

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