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Load Testing Hollow Cylinder Kits

Load Testing Kits

We have a large range of Hollow-Bore Cylinder load testing kits available for hire. These load testing kits consist of a hand pump, in line gauge, hose and cylinder. They are available in various sizes and capacities for a wide range of load testing applications.

Manufactured by Enerpac and Rehobot (formerly Nike) we have load testing solutions suitable for testing from 0-60 tonnes. These kits are ideal for testing Re bar or stud. All load testing kits come with a fully calibrated gauge reading in kilo-newtons.

The cylinders come in various sizes to suit many applications. The central hole diameter increases depending on the maximum loading testing potential of the cylinder.

A 12 ton cylinder has a central hole diameter of 19.6 mm, a 30 ton 33.3 mm and a 60 ton 53.8 mm. This enables them to be a flexible load testing solution for a huge range of applications. The cylinders are available in steel or a far lighter Aluminium option. This is especially useful for the 60 ton cylinders and above. The weight of these in steel is nearly 30 kg alone!


Using the kits is simple. The hand pump connects to the cylinder via a hose. This is approximately 1.8 m in length. The gauge is fitted to the pump or an in line gauge block via a quick release hydraulic coupling.

Once connected together the cylinder can be slipped over the bar to be tested, whether a vertical or horizontal test is required. A nut and washer or re bar wedge can then be secured onto the the top of the cylinder to commence the test.

The test is carried out by pumping the handle until the required reading on the gauge is reached. This can be held for a length of time if required to check for any creep and adjusted as required.

Once complete the pressure is released using the valve on the side of the pump and the cylinder can be removed. It is then ready to perform the next test.

The cylinder pistons have a limited travel (or stroke), on our kits this is generally between 42 and 76 mm. It is not advised to try to exceed this to avoid damage to the cylinders. It is specific to each cylinder so we are happy to advise limits for each unit.

As of 7th November 2018 we are able to offer all new DIGITAL gauges for our hollow cylinder kits. These gauges are paired to cylinders capable of loads up to 26 tonnes! The digital option brings a whole new level of accuracy to the hydraulic testing market.

For mechanical, oil free heavy duty pull testers please see model 2008 tester.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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