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Load link – Digital In Line

In Line Load Link

The Digital in line load link is manufactured by Straightpoint. It has a large in built digital display. This can read in kN, tonnes, kilograms, or lbs.

Our hire unit has a maximum capacity of 5 tonnes. This item is designed for measuring loads during heavy lift or pull applications.

The Load link is designed to sit in-line during the test. It has a large hole to accommodate a shackle at either end of the tester. The digital back lit display makes reading the force applied to the load link simple. The unit has many useful features all available at the touch of a button. These include, peak hold, preset tare, a set point audible alarm and an overload counter.

It is lightweight and rugged in its design – it needs to be!

Straightpoint In line load Link Manual

Other Option

We also stock the Hydrajaws 0097 tension tester. Similar to the straight point unit this is designed to be used in-line. It is ideal for testing wire ropes used for fall arrest systems, rigging, guy ropes and tower and mast supports.

It will test to a maximum of 40 kN and comes complete with a back lit digital gauge.

The 0097 benefits from mounting points with 20 mm Ø holes at each end, a small and tough design and a detachable gauge.

Please see the operating instructions here.

Please note that neither of these items will produce an external pull force. A separate winch will be required for that.

For other Hydrajaws testers please see here.

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