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Hydrajaws M35+ Fixing tester hire

Hydrajaws M35+ fixing tester hire

We are pleased to introduce the all new Hydrajaws M35+ Fixing tester for hire.

Hydrajaws have been established for over 35 years producing class leading pull testers for screws, bolts, lifting eyes, scaffold anchors and all types construction fixings. For years their M2000, M2050 and M2008 kits have been widely used and considered the leading equipment on the market.

Fixing tester hire

The M35+ Fixing tester is the latest innovation, capable of testing within two ranges (35kN and 65kN) making it a superb all in one solution for low to medium range anchor testing.M35+ fixing tester 2

It is a modular unit, available with three different bridge configurations – (we keep them all on the shelf and ready to go). The concept has changed, previous testers were operated via a handle or spanner on the top of the unit to apply the load. The M35+ now has a long drop rod through the centre of the tester and an Easi-Effort® handle which increases testing frequency and reduces operator effort when applying load. The Easi-Effort® wheel is useable up to a maximum of 10kN. For higher loads the wheel can be removed and the supplied ratchet used to apply the required pulling force.

The familiar three legged bridge design remains for those limited access tests and is supplied with a modern, rechargeable digital pressure gauge which is now the industry standard for accuracy and ease of use.

The attachments for stud, bolts and ringbolts are now magnetic, which is a great addition meaning when testing upside down or vertically the attachments remain in place when setting up or adjusting.

The M35+ fixing tester is fully compatible with the Hydrajaws Verify Digital Reporting System for accurate and efficient reporting of site testing. It is lightweight and ergonomic and can be utilised with the safety lifeline testing kit too.

The operating instructions are available here.

Please see the video below for an introduction to the M35+ fixing tester and please contact us for more information or to hire.

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