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Hilti PS300 Ferroscan

Hilti PS300 Ferroscan

We now have the all new Hilti PS300 Ferroscan available for hire!

The PS300 is the latest in rebar detection technology. Manufactured by Hilti and is the successor to the hugely successful PS200/PS250 Ferroscan kits.PS300 Ferroscan hire on site

With technology moving forward, a range of ‘smart’ detection tools are coming to the market. The PS300 Ferroscan is the latest step forward. The unit features a 5 inch integrated touch screen display and gives the user a detailed ‘live view of hidden rebar’, enabling completion of a fast and accurate survey or structural analysis without the need to use an additional tablet or monitor. Data can still be transferred to a PC or laptop for further analysis utilising the full power of the PROFIS software if required.

The new PS300 Ferroscan can detect reinforcement to a depth of approximately 200mm. The units large scanning surface paired with this increased scanning depth means increased productivity on site, potentially reducing requirement for costly revisits. The live scan results on screen (in quickscan mode) as you go help ensure data integrity and scan accuracy before returning to the office to analyse the collected data. This is similar to the Hilti PS1000.

The PS300 Ferroscan will collect data from five points in a single scan and one operative can scan up to 50 meters in one pass. Hilti have designed the PS300 to collect the maximum amount of data in the shortest possible time. It is powered by a 12v battery.

Hilti PS300 Ferroscan

Quick Features:

  • Rebar location up to 200 mm depth
  • Rebar cover depth measurement up to 120 mm
  • Rebar depth measurement accuracy +/- 1 mm at 50 mm
  • Spacing and cover ratio limitation 1.2:1
  • Maximum scanning speed 0.5 m/s

The PS300 will harness the full power of the new PROFIS software, enabling the user to:

  • Filter visible details
  • Compare scan data against reference specifications
  • Export charts/statistics
  • Create text/picture annotations and even model locations to drill and core
  • Get a 3D view of the concrete wall or slab which can be exported for addition to an official engineering report and your CAD/BIM model.

PS300 Ferroscan is built TOUGH

Over the years concrete testing instruments have been ‘fragile’. The PS300 has been built to be site friendly. It is IP54 rated and the casing engineered to keep dust and moisture out. The grips are rubberised the the touchscreen can be used whilst wearing gloves.

PS300 is in stock now!

We are excited to be able to offer the PS300 Ferroscan for hire from August 2nd 2019. It can be supplied as a stand alone scanner, or to extract its full potential with a PSA200 tablet for on site image scan analysis. If you are interested in the unit and want more details please give us a call or email.

The operating instructions for the PS300 Ferroscan are available for download here.

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