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Hilti PS1000

Hilti PS1000

The Hilti PS1000 is a structural Ground Penetrating Radar. It is designed to scan to a maximum 300mm  into concrete to determine potential strikes or object location in structures. These could include, steel reinforcement, ducts, tendons and conduits. Due to the radar technology the concrete must be dry to achieve best results.

The Hilti PS1000 can detect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This includes plastic, fibreglass and wood. Similar to the Hilti Ferroscan, the PS1000 works best over a square grid scanning pattern scanning horizontally and vertically across the predetermined grid. The grids are larger in comparison to the 600 x 600 mm Ferroscan items. This method of scanning is called ‘Imagescan’. Again similar to the Ferroscan the software includes a ‘Quickscan’ and ‘Quickscan recording’ mode.


The PS1000 unit has a screen on the front of the unit. This is where the scan direction prompts are displayed in ‘Imagescan’ mode. This is also where the scan data is displayed if using the ‘Quickscan Recording’ function.

The scan files can be transferred to the PSA100/PSA200 via cable. The PS1000 unit comes with a 4gb memory card. The scan files can be quite large so it is recommended to utilise an external storage device if large areas are to be covered.

The PS1000 can be used in conjunction with the PS200s scanner. This is to gather a comprehensive understanding of reinforcement detail as well as location. The two units share the PSA100/PSA200 monitor so are available as a combination kit if required. We offer the pair at a discounted price if this is the case!

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Please find the operating instructions HERE.


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