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Hilti HAT 28 hire

Hilti HAT 28 hire

The Hilti HAT 28 pull test kit is a purpose-made system for testing fastenings.

It consists of a mechanical screw arrangement acting through a hydraulic load cell which measures the load applied to the fastener directly. The load value is then indicated by the strain gauge. The HAT 28 pull-out tester is supplied as an integral part of the Hilti HAT 28 “Basic”, “Master”, “Scaffold” and “Elevator” testing sets which are designed specifically for testing most small and medium sized fastenings. A range of accessories is also available, thus further increasing the scope of possible testing Hilti HAT 28 hire 1applications.

These accessories include button adaptors suitable for stud, slotted button adaptors for bolts and a ring bolt adaptor clevis for quickly connecting to ring bolts. There are also connectors available for small screws, insulation and wall ties if required.

The HAT 28 shares parts with the Model 2000 testing kit and as such we are able to supply either kit for next working day delivery.

Basic operation of the Hilti HAT 28 is as follows:

  1.  Fit the appropriate adapter to the fastener to be tested.
  2.  Slide the slot in the cylindrical section of the spacer over the adapter until the fastener axis and spacer axis are in alignment.
  3. If necessary, adjust the length of the threaded legs until the head of the spacer can be passed through the opening in the load distribution bridge. (Check that the head of the spacer is centred in the tester.)
  4. Position the tester so that the gauge can be read conveniently.
  5. Adjust the length of the threaded legs so that all three are in contact with the base material. Check that the pull-out force acts in the fastener axis and parallel to the threaded legs.
    CAUTION Any significant misalignment at this stage will result in the threaded legs bending as the test proceeds.
  6. Set the red pointer of the strain gauge to zero. Hold the tester by the grip while increasing the load on the fastener by turning the crank in a clockwise direction.
    CAUTION Hold the tester securely by the grip as long as the fastener is under load. As the load on the fastener increases, note the reading on the displacement scale on the tester. Indication of failure of the fastener may be obtained by comparing the current reading on the displacement scale with the original reading.
  7. Increase the load until the minimum specified load is attained.
  8. Release the load on the fastener by turning the crank counter-clockwise and pushing it down until the original position is reached.
  9. Remove the tester and the adapter.

The full operating instructions are available here.

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