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Profometer Corrosion Half-Cell

Profometer Corrosion Half-Cell

We are pleased to offer the Proceq Profometer Corrosion for hire. This is a state of the art half-cell kit paired with the Profometer PM630AI rebar detector.

The Profometer corrosion replaced the Canin + half-cell unit.

The half–cell device was designed to identify active corrosion of rebar based on the electro chemical properties of reinforced concrete. The Profometer corrosion utilises a copper/copper sulphate electrode on both the rod and wheel. However the voltage range available on the corrosion enables use of a silver/silver chloride rod electrode if required.

The corrosion wheel enables coverage of large areas with fantastic efficiency, it is ideal for bridge decks or use in multi storey car parks. We stock the single wheel electrode and can pair the unit with an Elcometer copper/copper or silver/silver half-cell electrode if required.

It is supplied with a rugged 7” touch screen monitor and full PC software suite which is intuitive and captures all information whether testing with the Corrosion wheel or electrode.

Half-Cell Unit Features

  • Intuitive interface for data collection
  • Flexible features for mapping of awkward areas
  • Improved digital filtering (to remove the effect of external noise)
  • Create custom reports

The Instructions are available here.

PC Software.

Do you need further corrosion testing equipment? We also stock the Resipod resistivity meter.

Please call or e-mail us for more information, or to hire today!


Profometer corrosion Half-cell

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