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GSSI Structurescan mini hire

Now In Stock we are delighted to be able to offer the GSSI Structurescan mini XT for hire.

The Structurescan mini XT manufactured by Geophysical Survey Systems Inc, is an all in one radar designed for real-time quick and easy investigation of structures.

Typical applications include:

GSSI Structure Scan mini XT 2

  • Finding rebar
  • Post tension cables
  • Conduits
  • Pan decking
  • Service utilities
  • Non metallic objects
  • Measurement of slab thickness
  • Locating voids

The GSSI Structurescan mini XT employs a 2.7GHz antenna which provides excellent near surface resolution, whilst maintaining the capability to resolve deeper targets (max 600mm).

The unit features multiple scanning modes for data collection and interpretation.

  • Scan EZ – A quick scan mode, activated by the press of a single button. This mode provides information with 2D data views for efficient mark-and-go surveys.
  • Scan Max – Focus mode, designed to simplify the data to to locate embedments, highlight voids and see closely spaced targets.
  • Scan 3D – Collect 3D data for more complex requirements containing a larger number of objects for post processing.

GSSI Structurescan mini hireGSSI Structurescan Mini XT 6

The Structurescan mini XT features a 6.5″ touchscreen and is IP65 rated meaning it is rugged enough to be used on sites day after day.

Our kit can be provided as the Structure scan XT as a standalone, or paired with the optional Palm XT antenna (ideal for limited space areas). We also have the extension handle available to make life easier for the user.

The Palm antenna (if required) is connected to the body of the Structure Scan XT via the handle connectors. The palm antenna can operate in three different positions:

  • Standard mode (straight forward scan)
  • Cross polarisation mode (used for highlighting non-metallic objects i.e. PVC and de-emphasises metallic objects)
  • Side car mode (moves survey wheel to the side of the antenna to enable access to restricted spaces)

We still offer the Hilti PS1000 and the Proceq GPR offerings as alternatives for your structural investigation requirements. Please contact us today to discuss options.

The operating instructions can be found here.

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