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GPR Live

GPR Live (GP8000)

The GPR live is the latest hand held structural GPR. Manufactured by Proceq in Switzerland.

This unit features a fully wireless scan car utilising Ultra Wideband technology. Unlike rival units the GPR live features stepped frequency continuous wave radar technology. This enables it to deliver the widest frequency spectrum on the market.

Other scanners require multiple antennas to achieve frequencies ranging from 0.9 to 3.5 GHz. This comes at a significant cost, having to purchase different antennas to complete a structural assessment.

With the GPR live this is now achievable using a single device!

The GPR Live scan unit connects wirelessly via an inbuilt wifi module directly to an Ipad (IOS 11 or later). Once connected the image of the scanned area appears on the Ipad as the car is moved.


The GPR Live app is available for free download from the Apple App store. As with the Schmidt Live app, signup is fast and requires an email address and password. When hiring from Hammond this is all done for you. You are free to use our account, or create your own. Each saved scan is secured in cloud storage, so creating your own account and log in is advised to preserve data integrity. The app is intuitive and make it possible to perform real time on site data analysis, sharing and collaboration like no other product on the market!

The app on iPad means the software can display in a fantastic high resolution up to 12.9 inches (iPad pro). The user interface is simple with an in app wizard to assist if required.

The scan car is powered by rechargeable AA batteries to ensure straight forward air travel if taking abroad and easy replacement worldwide.

The frequency range of the GPR live is 0.2 to 4.0 GHz, enabling it to penetrate to a maximum depth of 700 mm in dry concrete.

The GPR live (GP8000) is water/dust resistant to IP54. It is not advisable to use the unit in very wet conditions.

GPR Live Applications

  • Locating rebar before drilling
  • Spot check of rebar cover
  • 2D and 3D imaging of rebar layout
  • Concrete thickness measurment
  • Location of other materials within concrete

Analysis of scans can be viewed via:

  • Non-migrated Scan
  • Migrated ‘Heatmap’
  • Timeslice/Depthslice
  • On site 3D view


The Scanner conforms to the following:

  • AASHTO R 37-04
  • ACI 228.2R.98
  • ASTM D748-10
  • ASTM D6087-08
  • ASTM D6432-11
  • EN 302066 – ETSI

Our hire unit comes complete with iPad and all ancillaries.

Quick start guide can be found here.

Safety disclaimer.

We also stock the Hilti PS1000 for hire if preferred.

A useful comparison between structural GPR units: GPR comparison

Please contact us for more information.

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