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Ferroscan or PS1000?

A question we are frequently asked is “Do I need a Ferroscan or PS1000“?


There is occasionally a misconception as to what each of these is. A Ferroscan is quite simply a rebar locator. It has appeared as four different models since its initial release. The first was the FS10, a two part unit connected by a cable. The second was the PS200 kit. This was a wireless kit and the transfer of scan files to the PS200M tablet was completed via infra red transfer. The third iteration was the PS250 Ferroscan kit. This featured an upgrade to the tablet, now the PSA100 with a larger colour display. The latest version is the PS300, a larger unit with a mounted screen. This is useful on its own or can be paired with a tablet if a full kit is required.Ferroscan or PS1000 2

Using the PS300 Ferroscan as the example, it is capable of detecting reinforcing bar to a maximum depth of 200mm in concrete. It will reveal bar location, spacing, depth of cover and estimate diameter in real time. As with any rebar locator, the more information the user can pre program the machine with the more accurate the data gathered will be.


The PS1000 is a Ground Penetrating Radar. This sends radar energy into concrete to a maximum depth of 400mm (in expert mode). The PS1000 is capable of revealing the location of metallic and non metallic elements. It is important to remember the PS1000 is not suitable for use as a cover meter, accurate depth and most certainly diameter of re bar cannot be easily obtained without prior knowledge of the construction or significant post processing abilities. Object avoidance, large void detection and determination of slab thickness can be carried out using the PS1000 as long as site conditions allow.Ferroscan or PS1000 3

The Ferroscan or PS1000 can be hired separately or as a combination kit for a complete analysis. Please get in touch for more information.

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