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The Hilti Ferroscan PS200 / PS250 is designed to detect steel reinforcement to a depth of approximately 150mm. The kit comprises of a PS200 s scanner and a monitor. The monitor has undergone significant revision over the past few years. Originally the black and white corded RV10 and cordless PS200 m configuration to the colour PSA100 and latest tablet format PSA200. The scanner however has remained unchanged. Hilti Ferroscan hire from us includes both scanner and monitor.


To get the best from the equipment, it should be utilised over a 600×600 square grid. (Image scan mode) scanning both horizontally and vertically (four passes in each direction), following the on screen prompts. Once complete the scan can be transferred to the monitor via infra red. The PS200S can hold up to a maximum of nine 600 x 600mm scans before transfer to the monitor or other storage device is required. (PS50).

However the Hilti Ferroscan PS200 s can be used as a standalone re bar detector if required. (Without the use of the monitor). Quick scan mode can be a fast and efficient way to cover a large area if marking results on the scanned surface is required.

Ferroscan PS200 / PS250 Hire From us!

All of our kits come complete with grids, tape, cables and a copy of the Hilti computer software included in the weekly hire, the full kit to complete your cover survey. We have many years experience of the Ferroscan kits and have both used and hired them throughout this time. We feel our over the phone technical support sets us apart from our rivals! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The Ferroscan can also be combined with hire of the Hilti PS1000 for a more detailed analysis of the concrete slab.

A copy of the operating instructions for the Ferroscan can be found here:  Operating Instructions

As of 2nd August 2019, the PS300 Ferroscan is now available. Please see here.

For any enquiries please call or e-mail us today!


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