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Endoscope – Cavity Inspection Camera

Cavity Inspection Endoscope

Hire the SECA DS100 Endoscope. This unit is perfect for cavity wall inspections. It is supplied with a forward and 90 degree view lance.

This unit was designed for wall tie inspections and assessment of cavity insulation and condition. But can be used for many other types of inspection or survey.

It will record high quality video and take still images either automatically or at the touch of a button.


The endoscope itself is battery powered and has a high resolution 5 inch LCD display. This is coated in an anti glare coating to aid use in direct sunlight or brightly lit areas. This system provides an easy to use, safer method for cavity survey than many of its rival, traditional optical inspection systems. Images and video are easily exported to a PC or laptop via the removable SD card.

The lances are fitted with high output LEDs which are capable of projecting light up to 1.5 metres depending on cavity depth. The lances can be inserted into the cavity through a 12.5 mm drilled hole if using the supplied insertion tube or through a 10 mm hole without the tube if required.

The lance diameter is 9.5 mm with a working length of 270 mm.

Seca DS100 Endoscope Data Sheet

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