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Drill Positioner – PX10 Transpointer

PX10 Drill Positioner

The PX10 Drill positioner is manufactured by Hilti. Otherwise knows as the ‘Transpointer’.


The drill positioner kit is used to enable the user to line up drilling positions from two sides of a thick concrete slab or wall. This is especially useful to predict drill bit exit point if there are services/obstructions or other possible strikes mounted on one side, or if drilling from two sides may be required due to bit length.

The position accuracy is ± 8mm on a 200 mm thick wall and the units will detect one another up to 1.35 metres apart. Because of this they can be used to determine thickness of a wall or slab from two sides without the need to drill through or use a more expensive scanning solution. Accuracy for thickness measurement is ± 5%.

We would not recommend relying on these results for reinforced concrete due to the negative affect reinforcement can have on the distance results.

Instruction manual.

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