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Corrosion testing kit

Corrosion testing kit

Reinforced concrete is a widely used and versatile construction material. We offer hire of equipment to monitor and help assess the condition of large structures. This equipment can be hired as a corrosion testing kit. The kit contains a rebar locator, half-cell kit and resistivity meter as standard. It can be supplemented with Phenolphthalein solution for assessing carbonation penetration if required.Corrosion testing kit 2

Reinforced concrete has proven to be both a durable and strong material, resulting in structures having an expected service life greater than 50 years. However, if structures were inadequately designed or constructed, subjected to a harsh environment or poor maintenance, accelerated deterioration can occur resulting in remediation or repair.

Deterioration and corrosion of reinforcing bars is the most common reason for shortened service life. A main cause of this is salts used during initial construction or applied in the winter months. The corrosion process is relatively slow and if no monitoring system is in place, it can be difficult to detect before faults are visually appearing. The most common visual clue is cracking or spalling to the concrete around the reinforcement caused by oxidisation and expansion of the steel. This can be exacerbated by repeated freeze/thaw of water which then sits in these cracks, plus the addition of further de-icing salts further accelerating the process.corrosion testing kit 3

Half-Cell and Resistivity testing have long been accepted methods of identifying areas of concern, but what they cannot do is indicate the rate of reinforcement corrosion. For this Linear Polarisation Resistance is a generally accepted method (we will have more on this soon).

Our corrosion testing kits are available and can feature a wide range of equipment. We keep the Elcometer 331 combined kits, Proceq Profometer corrosion kit, Resipods and various rebar detection options including the Hilti Ferroscan. We can fine tune the kits to suit your requirements, whether you have a large area to cover for which wheeled half-cell would be useful or imagescans using a Ferroscan are required for reporting purposes.

Please contact us to discuss the options available, these kits are also available for long term rental if you have a series of structures to monitor as part of a maintenance program.

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