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Concrete Temperature Monitor

Concrete Curing Temperature Monitor

We are please to be able to offer the HOBO 4-Channel thermocouple data logger for hire or sale. This can be used to monitor concrete curing temperature when paired with suitable thermocouples.

The unit itself records temperature in indoor environments using up to four types of thermocouple sensors (sold separately). The logger has an internal 10K thermistor for cold-junction compensation of the thermocouple output.

The four thermocouple channels have a 20-bit resolution while the internal 10K thermistor has a 12-bit resolution. Using the HOBOware® software, you can easily configure the logger alarm to trip for specific high or low temperatures. Or, you can set up burst logging, in which the logger records data at a different interval during certain conditions. The unit can also calculate minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation statistics.

This easy-to-use data logger has a built-in LCD screen to monitor temperature, logging status, battery use, and memory consumption in between readouts. 

For concrete curing temperature monitoring we would recommend utilising Type K thermocouples. These have a measurement range of -260°C to +1,370°C with a probe accuracy of ±0.7°C. 

Basic unit set up

  1. Ensure the HOBO software is installed on the PC/Laptop being used and connect the logger using the supplied USB cable. 
  2. Select the type K thermocouples from the menu, followed by all the channels which will be logged. These channels can be labelled as required.
  3. Select the logging interval, this can be between 1 second to a maximum of every 18 hours.
  4. Choose your logging mode. Fixed, Burst or statistics, and when to start and stop.

Full operating instructions are available Here.

The batteries in the logger can last up to 1 year, this can vary however due to ambient temperature, logging frequency, how often logger is downloaded and the number of thermocouple channels active.

Full download of the logger memory takes approximately 2 minutes.

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