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Concrete Resistivity

Resipod Concrete Resistivity Meter

The Resipod is a fully integrated four probe concrete resistivity meter. It utilises four probes placed on the surface of concrete for a truly non destructive test.

Surface concrete resistivity measurement provides information about the condition of a concrete structure. The Resipod is the most accurate instrument available. It is useful either in Laboratory conditions or in a site environment.

It is designed to measure potential areas of steel corrosion within concrete. It does this by applying a current between the two outer probes. The potential difference is then measured between the two inner probes. Electrical Resistivity is measured in kΩcm.

Corrosion of steel will occur if a current passes between the anodic and cathodic regions of concrete. The Resistivity of the concrete affects the flow of ions and the probable rate corrosion will occur. Because of this concrete Resistivity measurements can be used to identify areas of reinforced concrete at risk.

However these results should not be trusted alone. Concrete Resistivity testing should be used in conjunction with other testing techniques, such as Half-Cell. 

We stock probes with the accepted standard 50 mm spacing and 38 mm. 50 mm spacing has long been accepted as an acceptable compromise. Wider probe spacing can see results skewed by existing reinforcement. 38mm spacing was designed to comply with the AASHTO standard ‘Surface Resistivity Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration’.

The display on the front of the unit shows all necessary information:

  • Measured Resistivity
  • Range Indication
  • Current Indication
  • Indication of scale reading
  • Battery level

A good connection between the instrument and concrete surface is vital. The Resipod automatically detects if a poor connection is present.

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Our units come complete with all ancillaries including the calibration check plate.

Operating instructions can be found here.

PC software is available here.

Consider hiring our concrete corrosion package, the Resipod and Profometer Corrosion, for a thorough analysis.

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Resipod concrete Resistivity meter




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