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BRE Screed Test kit

BRE Screed Test Kit

We have BRE screed test kits available for hire. The kits consist of a 2kg and 4kg weight and a 1 metre long drop hammer. At the base of the hammer is a 500 mm² foot which is designed to indent into the screed. This indent is then measured after a series of drops by a mechanical or digital gauge. the 2kg weight is intended for use on floating screeds (Category C).

BRE Screed Test Kit Use

Select the correct weight for the screed to be tested and assemble the tester. It comprises of three steel shafts which clip together. The top shaft is connected to the handle and the bottom has the hardened steel foot at the base. The handle has a bulls eye bubble level at the top and is also fitted with a locking trigger mechanism to release the weight.

The screed to be tested should be at least 14 days old and be examined for other defects prior to commencing the tests. Ideally the tests should be carried out on area approximately 2m². Particular care and attentions should be given to high trafficked areas.

Place the supplied circular template on the screed and mark the leg and centre holes for the measuring gauge and tripod on the screed. Remove the template and place the depth gauge on the marked points. Record the datum level from here and repeat in all test locations.

Once complete place the foot of the drop hammer at the first marked point. (Centre hole in the template). Ensure the tester is vertical by using the bubble level on the handle.

Commence with the first drop test. Repeat this three further times until a total of four drops are complete. Between tests the weight can be slid back up the tester using your free hand. Repeat this process until all the marked points have been tested.

From here remove the tester and replace with the measuring gauge and tripod and complete indentation measurements. If there are isolated areas with higher indentation it is recommended further localised testing is carried out.

Types of screed

Type A: Areas expected to take very heavy traffic, or where disruption at a later date would be unacceptable.

B: Areas expected to take heavy traffic.

C: Areas subjected to mainly foot traffic or light trolleys.

BRE Screed Test Kit Operating Instructions.

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