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Anchor Tester – Hilti DPG 100

Anchor Tester

The Hilti DPG 100 anchor tester is designed for proof loading anchors set into various materials. Its low profile design makes it ideal for limited access areas.

The unit has a digital gauge on the front for reading the load. The mechanical gauge (dial) is for measuring the displacement of the anchor. The product is compact and powered by a 9 volt battery.

The DPG 100 weighs 3kg and will test to a maximum of 100 kN (Approximately 10 tonnes).

Anchor tester Use

When turning the DPG 100 tester on the gauge reading will fluctuate and then stabilise. This is normal. The anchor tester should then be situated over the anchor to be tested.  Secure it using the thread adaptor supplied in the box. Once situated press the reset button to zero the gauge. A reading of 0.0 or 0.1 kN will be displayed.

Tighten the thread adaptor lightly by hand. Do this until a reading of approximately 0.3 – 0.5 kN is displayed.

Turn the scale ring to bring the indicator mark in line with the zero mark on the scale if displacement of the anchor is to be measured. Please be aware this displacement reading can be affected by deformation of the anchor, adaptor or substrate. It is recommended to utilise a separate dial gauge to measure accurately.

Once set up, tighten the thread adaptor, using the wrench supplied until the desired load is reached.

Our kits are supplied with a full calibration certificate.

For full operating instructions for the anchor tester see here.

Other fixing testing options.

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