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Class leading gauge accuracy

Pull testing / fixing tester traceability

Currently pull testing of embedded anchors is carried out using an analogue or digital gauge attached to a fixing tester. The applied load is displayed on the gauge face and manually recorded on site. This process can be time consuming. Successful testing of fixings or anchors can be subject to many on site variables.

For example when applying the target load the fixing can ‘creep’ or there can be a small amount of movement from the load spread bridge, substrate or the connection to the fixing itself as load is transferred from the pull tester to the subject under test.


This can cause the applied test load to fluctuate or drop, perhaps falsely indicating a failure. This occurs for all sizes of fixing tester, testing all manner of construction fixings. From the Hydrajaws ® model 2000, 2050, 2008, 0097 and the Hydraulic hollow-bore ram kits to name a few.

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New Gauges

Hydrajaws ® have taken their highly accurate digital gauges to another level. Not only are they capable of reading in increments of 0.1 kN, the output display can also be changed to read in lbf, kips, psi or bar.

They are now available as a Bluetooth gauge, connecting to a free app for Apple and Android devices. The app enables real time, instant capture of visual graphs for testing of anchors, eye-bolts and lifelines.

The list of improved functions are as follows:

  •  Time, date and GPS location of each test is recorded visually.
  •  The Digital (Bluetooth) gauge has an improved accuracy class of +/- 0.5% full scale deflection (Analogue gauge accuracy class of +/- 2%).
  •  The ambient temperature operating range is -20 degrees C to +35 degrees C
  •  Graphs can be viewed with clients to explain why tests may not have
    met the required standard (not possible using analogue gauges).
  •  This system allows for more accountability for time spent on-site.
  •  Test evidence provided electronically as a PDF from site to clients in a completed report, saving time on unnecessary paperwork (Requires Wi-Fi or Mobile Network Signal).
  •  Compatible with Android OS and Apple based devices such as smartphone/Tablet.

Hydrajaws digital fixing tester bluetooth 3

 New improved Gauge issue 3 features:

  • Back light facility for improved viewing in low light applications.
  • Screen orientation flips allowing easy reading from any angle.
  • Tougher outer gauge protective cover supplied as standard.
  • Improved interface allowing easier setup and operation of facilities such as ‘peak hold’.
  • Improved transducer – 1,000 bar as standard.
  • Larger range of display units: kN, lbf, Kips, psi or bar*.

The digital blue tooth gauges will operate with all Hydrajaws ® fixing tester kits with quick release gauges capable of loading from 0-146 kN and everything in between. We also have options available with hollow-cylinder sets capable to a maximum of 260 kN!

Not only can the real time graphs and reports be generated on site, they can be emailed back to base at the touch of a button! No matter where the tests are being completed. (WiFi or data connection required).

The reports themselves are in a simple clearly laid out format with clear indication of a test PASS or FAIL.

Hydrajaws pull test anchor testing fixing tester bluetooth digital gauges image 2

The App is available on both Android and Apple devices:



Note: Requires Android System: Android 4.4 OS onwards compatible mobile device with GPS and Bluetooth: Low Energy, Smart or Bluetooth 4.0 +. For installation of software a USB connection, a data enabled SIM with email function or a connection to the Google Play Store is required. For emailing reports, a data enabled SIM with email function is required.

Bluetooth Digital Gauge Datasheet.

At Hammond we stock the latest blue tooth capable gauges for our Hydrajaws ® fixing testers. You can rest assured they are fully calibrated and maintained. We assemble any kit to suit your needs and can supply a bespoke combination of adaptors if required. We want to ensure you get the job done and do it right! Hire from us and the yearly subscription and maintenance is taken care of.

If you have any questions or need any advice regarding the Bluetooth system please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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